hi all,
Well, I am now the proud owner of a tri-colour little baby!
I have a few questions if you dont mind??
He is scavaging hungrey, so far all morning, would this be because he hadn't been fed in preperation of the journey home? I am awaiting the breeders email as I have asked her. I just didnt envision him being so hungrey lmao.
He is 13wks old and weighs 1.9kg, is this about right?
I have been told he is a little hungrey boy, and too watch what treats I give him.
I have got some choccy buttons (doggy ones) ready for training, but I think I should break them in half so he dosent eat to many in a session of training, is this ok?
I am also going to feed him mainly dry with just a smal amount of meat mixed in is this suitable?
I had been feeding my other puppy I had with meat and complete dry mixed to get them used to dry, but am unsure if the cavaliers can eat this? I would hate to make Peanut poorly, he has been fed bakers but, I really want him off that ASAP. My other dog is on Wagg for now anyway. Once they are both settled on their food habits that I want to gradually change them totally to CSJ if I can.
Hope you dont mind me posting here.