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Thread: New puppy owner, Hi!!

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    Smile New puppy owner, Hi!!

    hi all,
    Well, I am now the proud owner of a tri-colour little baby!
    I have a few questions if you dont mind??
    He is scavaging hungrey, so far all morning, would this be because he hadn't been fed in preperation of the journey home? I am awaiting the breeders email as I have asked her. I just didnt envision him being so hungrey lmao.
    He is 13wks old and weighs 1.9kg, is this about right?
    I have been told he is a little hungrey boy, and too watch what treats I give him.
    I have got some choccy buttons (doggy ones) ready for training, but I think I should break them in half so he dosent eat to many in a session of training, is this ok?
    I am also going to feed him mainly dry with just a smal amount of meat mixed in is this suitable?
    I had been feeding my other puppy I had with meat and complete dry mixed to get them used to dry, but am unsure if the cavaliers can eat this? I would hate to make Peanut poorly, he has been fed bakers but, I really want him off that ASAP. My other dog is on Wagg for now anyway. Once they are both settled on their food habits that I want to gradually change them totally to CSJ if I can.
    Hope you dont mind me posting here.

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    Hello - congrats on your new addition!

    Most pups would eat anything they can get their paws on, all of them are hungry! Just be aware of worms, which can make them ravenous. He will need to be wormed every 2 weeks until he is 4 months old (come people do this up until 6 months) to prevent an infestation. He could also be put out by the change in environment so may be eating out of stress. Give him a week or two and he should settle in perfectly and get into a pattern of eating etc.

    With regards to treats and training - I tend to use little pieces of chicken, they love it, it has some nutritional value and it isn't too fattening. If you are going to use the choco buttons, only give him very small pieces. Too many of these things at a young age can give them upset tummys, plus can be fattening.

    Lastly, feeding him dry food with a bit of meat mixed in is perfect! Complete dry foods have everything they need in them so there is no real need for any extras but they really enjoy the meat and it adds to the meal. I agree with you that getting him off the Bakers asap is a good idea - very low quality food. I am not familiar with Wagg food but there are loads of great foods out there so it really is personal preference which one you feed.

    Any photos?

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    I wouldn;t give chocolate buttons for training treats 00 trainers would advise using meat based treats. Those buttons are full of unwanted calories and have no nutritional value -- in addition I'd never recommend using chocolate anything even when they are 'dog k' -- because real chocolate can actually be fatal to a dog, I wouldn;t want to encourage a liking for the smell or taste or appearance. Very tiny pieces of cheese, chicken, cooked sausage, or any of the prepared training treats -- eg dried liver, small treat biscuit pieces (broken even smaller for this small breed, especially a puppy) -- those are all far better.

    I'd make sure he has been wormed -- your vet will probably have you worm him and then again 2 weeks later, which generally does the trick. Most puppies do come with worms as they get them from their mother -- part of the cycle by which they are passed on. Most puppies are not ravenous all the time -- they are pretty good at regulating what they eat -- so perhaps this is worms or perhaps the breeder is just warning about not overfeeding generally, which is good basic advice. Most pups will eat about as much as they need and want. However this starts to change as they get older and this breed can be gluttonous and you do need to be careful not to overfeed.

    He sounds on the small side, something you might want to ask the breeder about. A dog that age is often another kg or two heavier.

    You will want to get him to the vet anyway as normal good practice in the next two days -- generally you want a pup to the vet within 48 hours of bringing home. Has he had his full puppy vaccinations? Did the breeder give you all the vax records? Normally you'd get the vax records, worming records etc. along with KC registration and pedigree information. Your vet can advise on feeding, worming etc. If he has worms, this could be why he is a bit small and very hungry!

    There's lots of info on care and feeding in the Library section. I also recommend using the website which has a full book you can download for free and online care and training manual for puppies. This will answer loads of questions and be a handy daily guide on care, behaviour, training.
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    Default Thanks!!

    Ok, doggy treats wise I have opted for some milky biscuits and hubby has spent the night breaking them up to small pieces for now. Once payday comes round again I will invest in some 'proper' treats.
    He has stopped scavaging so much now, so I think it was 1> cause the person I had him from hadn't fed him from night before 2> the crappy bakers food!
    He is now eating, and seemingly being filled, with his portion of puppy food which I am mixing part pedegree meat and part complete meal.
    Will weigh him again tonight, but he seems much more settled and happier now.
    I have a vets appointment on friday morning too so that I am looking forward/dreading LOL He will begin his vaccine course then. I will get him chipped on the 2nd vaccine appointment also.
    I am hoping he is classed as fit and healthy, as the person I had him from was not a 'proper' breeder. I think was going to keep him as both his parents were KC (I have seen them and papers etc) but she hadnt had the litter registered. I know I know !!!! Stupid but, I felt so sorry for the puppy when I saw him.
    I have a receipt and his parents KC paper copies, her vet has given proof of his health, but just got to get him checked out by my own vet now.
    He seems much better since I managed to bath him, and gave him a good grooming. He is a lively, happy little chap. He has a small bite wound on his ear, where he had a scrap with a litter mate, but it is almost healed and it is just scabbed over. I am using animal anthiseptic wipes and have trimmed a tiny bit of his fur so I can keep my eye on it and keep it clean.
    Thanks so much for replying youv'e been loads of help!!


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