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Thread: Is a cavalier full grown at the age of 1 year?

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    Default Is a cavalier full grown at the age of 1 year?

    My girl will be 1 on March 30th, just wondering if she's done growing or should I expect her to get bigger. Thanks!

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    Hi Erin:

    You may have forgotten that you have asked this previously , and your question was answered before by people -- including me -- but briefly to restate again: no, she won't likely be fully grown at a year, and could continue to both gain weight and fill out for another year or more,but all individual dogs are different. If you check some of your earlier posts you will probably find the thread in which several people responded. As you remain in touch with your breeder and have stated that you have a good relationship with her, this would be a good question to ask her as it seems to keep coming up. She can best discuss what is typical for growth in her own lines.

    Normally such questions are fine, but in this case I'm a bit alarmed about the constant return to the question of size over many posts. This seems a very important topic for some reason and almost every post has mentioned it one way or another. I'd suggest taking the issue up with your breeder now and maybe future posts can leave out those particular repeat references? Thanks!
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