Well I cant believe little Jelly T is one year old! Happy birthday my most beautiful baby,long may you continue to love life,squeezy cuddles & making me laugh every day,You are a joy & i hope you know when i say youre a little monster i wouldnt want you to be any other wayxxx

9weeks old,1st day with my new family

Ruby tried to ignore me but i kept at it!

I soon got her to be my pal!

Aint i cute?

Here I am!!Took me a week to learn how to jump outa that box!

Mum says this picture sums me up..

Wot the..where did them long legs come from!!

Wot!?im only giving her a little wash!

Rubys face says it all!!

Wots that,let me see,i'll have it

Mummys Princess Pretty!