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    Default walking multiples

    All of you out there with multiple dogs - how do you handle walking them? I have 4 so I usually walk them 2 by 2. The problem is that as soon as they see the leashes and harnesses, they go CRAZY!!! They all start barking and play fighting (well, all except for Riley - she sometimes runs into another room to get away from the 3 monsters). They bark right into each other's mouths as if to say who is going first on the walk. I have tried putting the ones who are not going first in a separate room, but the other two still persist in this fighting behavior. They carry it over into the first 30 seconds of the walk. When they settle down it is pleasant. Any ideas about how to calm them down? Is this a situation that calls for a trainer?
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    i too have 4 dogs, and walk them all in one go.

    we had a bit of commotion when the walk was announced, similar to what you describe.
    i don't know how long this has been going on in your pack, maybe it has grown into a sort of habit or ritual, and will be harder to eliminate.

    in our case, as soon as they started whining and barking, jumping about i calmly put the leashes back on their pegs , went back into the living room and settled down for some pleasant reading, or whatever activity on my own, totally ignoring the commotion.
    when they were quiet agian, i would give it another go, naturally without fussing and making them all excited about going for a walk.
    it took a while, and a lot of patience, totally ignoring their acting up.
    we only went for the desired walk after every dog stood still and politely accepted the collar and leash.

    it took a while until they found out how this works, but after 1-2 weeks they stood politely waiting for their collars to be put on, and went out the door with nary a squeel.

    it was worth the trouble. they are an absolute joy to walk out with, poite and well mannered dogs walking quietly on my left side.

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    Wow, I am impressed.

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    yes we had to do the same thing - it's a nightmare to start with but well worth persevering. We also don't walk forwards if they are making a noise - just stop until they are quiet.

    it can also help to leave leads lying around after a walk so they don't get quite as excited about seeing them.

    I have a walky belt which you can attach the leads to - I have actually taken 5 out like this but it's very hard work - also I'm in a really quiet area where we rarely meet other pople or dogs. We just walk up to the field like that and then they are free running.

    This looks quite good

    TRPD do a very basic {much cheaper!} belt,

    The money from their sales goes to make goods to be donated to rescues, such as leads, collars, coats etc.

    They produce gorgeous fleece blankets, which wash really well and last for years!! as well as lots of other goodies.

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    hi there,

    yep, we have four too and have EXACTLY the same problem,absolute pandamonium which starts even when we go upstairs to fetch our coats/put a hoodie or boots on!! it's a military operation to get the four of them ready to go out with harnesses and leads especially as i am recovering from a broken back!! I will also try the tip,thanks guys.



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