Today I drove to Wimbledon with a cavalier owner and her two eleven year old litter sisters.

They were MRI scanned, and although one little cavalier did have SM, the other ltricolour sister had no syrinx and is therefore free of syringomyelia.

Can you imagine how much this will help the gene research?

The owner was delighted to have the chance to contribute to the research, and to know more about the SM status of her older dogs.

Rupert's Fund paid for the scans. This is such a wonderful project.

The owner would like to thank all those that have donated the money that made this possible.

While we were in Wimbledon we had the chance to meet up with Tania and have lunch and a nice chat.
Tania gave us both some of her sweet pillows (thanks Tania) The Japanese Chins think they are wonderful , the poor SM cavaliers have not yet been allowed near them.