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Thread: how much to feed

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    Question how much to feed

    Hi, I'm new here and a new Cavalier owner. We have a 8 month old male blenheim cav and we have him for a month now. During the first two weeks he is not been eating but our vet find no underlying reasons why, anyways after such very stressful start he begun eating. At first we have to feed him on the floor (flat surface) and he can consume 1/3 of a cup of his dried food. For the past 5 days he consume around 1/2 cup of his food in a day. He prefers to eat only once a day during 6:00pm. My question is at an average how much food does a cavalier of this age can eat in a day? My cav's weight is more or less 11lbs (almost two weeks ago he weigh 10.9 during our visit to the vet). I am feeding him Royal Canin 33, I've tried other brands but he just ignore them.

    TYIA (thank you in advance)

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    Welcome to the board! Your cavalier sounds an OK weight for his age especially if the vet was not concerned.

    It is unusual for this breed to dislike food as many of us can testify but they can be finicky. In rare cases you do get a dog that is quite difficult about eating.

    The amount may well be fine for what he needs -- most pups that age will eat as they wish. It is probably a bit on the low side but if your vet remains unconcerned, try not to worry and see how things go.

    I will suggest reading this:

    because so many times the problem is that they are holding out to get the attention that often comes from owners trying to cajole a dg to eat. I'd be quite strict on how and when you feed -- really just give him about 15 minutes then remove the food, and no snacks. Don't make a big deal of meals so that they are not times when he figures he can get lots of attention by holding out on eating.

    You might find he likes his food better if it is moistened first with a bit of water, or if you try adding things to vary the diet -- there are lots of suggestions in the Caring for your Cavalier section. Only dry food is pretty dull for a dog -- but at the same time you don't want him to lick off the 'nice' food and leave all the kibble! Most dogs will start to demolish their food once they realise it vanishes til the next mealtime if they don;t get it eaten in 10-15 minutes.
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