Yes Kate ,

What a good suggestion you have made.

Could I be allowed to start this New Thread with this Comment?

Is it possible that the New Voting Papers we CKCS CLUB Members have been sent ,the Vote could be now declared NULL and VOID?

Since Margaret has now with-drawn her Nomination ,and Club Members possibly will have given Margaret their Vote who had'nt known about Margaret's Nomination With-Drawal,could have given their Vote to another Person wishing to be on the Club Committee.

I would think that this is unfair to those others who wished to be on the Committee ,that they did not have the Chance of getting more Votes.

Will the best plan now be for the CKCS CLUB to make all CLUB MEMBERS aware of Margaret's Nomination Withdrawl ,in order that the other Election Candidates are given a fair distribution of all Votes Cast?