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    Default FDA warning on bones...

    The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to pet owners to avoid feeding their pets bones:

    This is appearing all over the Internet on blogs etc, many of whom are making the point that they could have added that bones can be a source of infectious agents like Salmonella, Campylobacter and E. coli, both for the pet and people, depending on the source of the bones and how they are processed and handled.

    Dogs DO get E Coli and salmonella - sadly a friend lost a young puppy recently, the puppy had been eating chicken necks and although not the cause of death, there was a very high incidence of E Coli in the bowel, which may have affected the immune system.

    My dogs do occasionally have chicken pieces {NOT wings}, and sometimes lamb ribs - obviously NEVER cooked bones. It's a hard one, mine do chew things very thoroughly..but I've also recently heard of a Cavalier and two King Charles Spaniels who choked to death on chicken wings

    ETA I wish I could find a reasonably priced electric mincer which would cope with chicken bones!! At present we are back to mainly Markus Muelhe {a brilliant dry food available from Zooplus which is based on the prey model and is cold pressed, not baked and extruded} and some tripe/veg, some other raw meats and some home cooked meals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicki View Post
    ETA I wish I could find a reasonably priced electric mincer which would cope with chicken bones!!cooked meals.
    Two years ago I bought a pair of Wilkinson Sword Secateurs, they still work really well
    for chopping up chicken wings into bite size pieces. I think they cost around 20.00.
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