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Thread: Two TVs: 'free' for donation to Rupert's Fund

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    Default Two TVs: 'free' for donation to Rupert's Fund

    I have two cathode ray (old style, not flat screen) TVs looking for a new home. I will give them away separately unless only one person wants them, and wants both! One is a small portable Sony Trinitron -- excellent screen quality, would be a good bedroom sized TV. The other is pretty big -- probably something like a 26" with stereo sound.

    Any small donation would be fine! And you don't need to tell me the amount -- just send to Rupert's Fund.

    I thought someone in Ireland might have an interest in these as a spare set for the house, and if so, let me know.
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    I don't know if this is of any interest to you but try It's a website for things exactly like this... it's mostly Tipperary based, but if there is a taker, they might meet you halfway or go to Dublin for it...


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