I'm thinking about signing Ginger up for PetPlan but worried about getting our claims denied that relate to her heart as it may be considered a "pre-existing condition".

She is 3 1/2 years old now, and at her 2 year heart check the cardiologist said that he could hear a slight heart murmur but there was no official diagnosis.

Now she is approaching 4 years of age I really want to take her into see a cardiologist to do some thorough testing on her and find out if she has developed a moderate or severe MVD. She has not exhibited any of the severe or moderate symptoms, but I have begun noticing that she breathes heavily while she is resting (still seldom). She weighs 18 pounds and is not overweight. I'd like to take her in as early as this week but want to sign up for the insurance beforehand.

So I have two questions for the forum:

- Will PetPlan deny coverage for her heart by calling it a pre-existing condition, even though she has never been officially diagnosed with MVD and none of her regular vet visits state on paper?

- I researched the forum thoroughly and it definitely seems like PetPlan is the best choice. I'm looking at the Bronze/$50 Deductible/0% plan which is about $60 a month. Is this the most appropriate plan for the possible condition that Ginger may have (MVD)? She does not have SM, has some dental issues but healthy otherwise. Any recommendations?

Thanks so much forum!!