Hi gingers mom,

Hope this helps but we found ourselves in exactly the same situation with out 3 yr old blenheim millie,at around two years old our vet picked up on the slightest of murmurs and said that it couldnt even be 'graded' as it was barely there.On the last two major check up visits and also a check up with a different vets it was said that it wasnt even there and still was not bad enough to be graded,however on insuring my four girls around 5 months ago it had to be declared to petplan,heart conditions are now on millies insurance papers as an exclusion.

Just the fact that it has been mentioned to you means that you are aware of it and it has to be declared as a pre-existing condition.It will have most probably been recorded on your vets notes.better to be honest and straight.

good luck and i hope my experience of it helps.