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Thread: Do you think Dylan is overweight?

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    Dylan say's "feed me, feed me , feed me" all day long. If I speak to him he runs to the kitchen hoping for a treat. You just have to say no
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    Mine are the same would eat all day if I let them, I don't though!

    Gus gained weight a while back but I cut his food back a little each meal and he lost it all.

    Try cutting down on the pouches of meat not give them everyday. I feed JWB dry twice a day.I give less in the morning as they get a biscuit mid-day and I top up with veg in the evening for an extra treat, I feed the wet pouches very rarely as a big treat.

    I also feed different amounts depending on how active each dog is.

    It depends on the dog. Pippin can put weight on but it slowly creeps up, Dj is a skinny dog and I have to make sure to give him extra, while Gus only has to look at a few extra pieces to put on the pounds or kilos! Feeding them as above the last two years has kept them all at a steady weight.

    I don't give mine treats from the table at all, I know it's hard telling another adult not to feed him, but maybe explaining the dangers of weight gain in cavaliers and telling your dad to ignore begging and give the odd healthy treat will encourage him to give up the feeding habit.

    I hope this helps a little, I remember how worried I was when Gus gained a little weight.
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    Weight is one of those tricky situations when it comes to family.

    I was suposed to be moving back to my parents last month so that my house sale could proceed quickly but I havent for one reason.... the special 'bond' my dad has with Ruby!!!
    He is a nightmare with her and everything he eats he shares with her! As much as I tell him not to!! he doesnt listen, so I empathise with you!!!

    The raw vegs is defiinatly something I would recommend, it has worked wonders for Ruby she was 11.7 kg at her heaviest and I was upsett with myself for letting her get that bad but I have managed to get her back to 10kg with cutting her kibble intake down and bulking it up with raw veg. I have been freezing them aswell for the heat! They both love them really!!!

    Good luck


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    He is beautiful

    I would say you probably need to reduce his food intake or look for a different kibble/food.

    Don't they suggest that a cavalier should be between 5-8.2kgs? With my last Cavalier Sammy, he weighed around 11kgs and the vet put him on a diet. We reduced his kibble, added raw carrots and other veggies (I remember the carrots distinctly as he hated them....until he realised he wasn't getting anything else after his kibble...then he ate them)

    My older boy, D'Artagnan was a finniky eater when we got him. We got him at 12 months from his breeder/Shower and she said he ate every 2-3 days... he now eats once daily. We changed his kibble, took him off raw mince and we now give him a raw chicken neck with his kibble a few times a week. If anything he has gained weight...and is now in the upper 6's (kgs) whereas when we got him, he was 6.3kg and looked a bit boney. He how looks healthy, his coat is thicker, shinier and he eats with gusto

    I am not familar with the kibble you are feeding yours, but maybe you could cut down a little, bulk it with fresh veggies?

    He is a gorgeous looking CKCS though

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