So I am curious... if anyone can recommend a breeder? If it is not allowed on the forum, maybe I can have a private discussion through email.. I am contacting breeders on my own, but again I am overall pretty nervous about the process (read "My Story" in Introductions if you want more info). Generally I can tell if the breeder is one to avoid for sure, but then it comes down to just picking that right one.

Questions I have been asking include:

*What health tests do the parents get before breeding?
*Do you participate in showing your dogs? Are they champions?

I know to avoid the places that sell for too cheap, advertise on class fields, advertise "rare" "tiny" or "giant", do not know anything about the breed, or do not breed for the betterment of the breed.. I have been reading through the stickies.

I haven't selected one yet but definitely am not in a hurry. I would really like to hear about some good experiences in the process of selecting a breeder and getting matched up with your dream dog!

Is it better to find a local breeder that you can drive to, is shipping ok or considered cruel?

I live near Seattle, WA and honestly would prefer to drive to pick up my baby but will be happy to pick up from an airport if from an amazing place!