The fact that this dog had health scanning done, and had shared those results with the club health committee indicates that the owner was thinking about health.
Thinking about health and actually doing something about it are two entirely different things.
I think at this point we all need to move away from the culture of blame.
A very solid framework to support and facilitate breeders is being constructed and almost any health testing day arranged by UK clubs (MVD,SM etc..) is well attended.
Progress may sometimes be slow,but things have moved forward so much over the last two years,I feel it's counter productive to look back and continue to fight long lost battles.
There will be a BVA/KC scheme for MVD and SM.
Testing days will continue at different scanning centres.
Cardiologists will be well attended at Club organised days.
Rupert's fund and club supported initiatives will contribute information to the genome project which is nearing completion.
Margaret Carter's cavalier collection scheme will be completed.
The cavalier CKS foetal tissue project is being supported.
These are the pertinent issues which need to be highlighted,not what people did or didn't do two or even twenty years ago.
Is it not preferable to focus on what is achievable for the future of the breed?