It's been quite hot here lately, and Guinness is having fairly severe problems with overheating. If we're active (walking) for more than about 10 minutes he'll start sitting down, and if I have him get up he'll stumble. I carry water, and he will drink, but that doesn't seem to help his heat sensitivity. I try to keep exercising till evening, but it will soon be so hot that even that won't help.

We were at the park one evening around (6 pm, and staying in shady areas) and I ended up putting him in the fountain because he was so bad. I don't want to have to keep him inside till it cools off around November, but there are only so many air conditioned places you can take a dog for a walk.

Does any use the "cool coats" on their dog's? Are they effective? There are few styles (mesh, chamois)- is one "better"?