This morning around 2 a.m., Daisy ran to the backdoor and cried out wanting out very badly. This is very unusual as she is not at all a vocal dog. I assumed she had to go to the bathroom, so I let her outside. After a little while, I walked out on the porch to check on her and she was eating grass like a little cow! Frenetically pulling mouthful after mouthful out of the ground and eating it! It was seriously like an addict getting a hit of drugs. I knew that was going to make her sick so I ran out to pick her up and she ran away from me, plucking off pieces of grass as she went. I carried her inside to put her in her crate since I knew she would be throwing up. I had just walked in the door and she threw up 2 huge gobs of foam and grass. I put her back outside and she immediately ran to the grass and started eating again!

We did this little routine over and over. She was very unhappy in her crate and at times when I would let her out, she would even run to the window looking out longingly at the grass! Very, very weird. I was up all night with her. Around 5:30 am, I put her in her crate and took a shower. She threw up a little bit in her crate, but not much. Once the kids came downstairs, she was acting more like her normal self for a while. But then it all started again. I got her an appt. with the vet at 10 am. He is/was worried about pancreatitis. He did bloodwork, an x-ray, gave her some subcutaneous fluids and an anti-nausea injection and kept her for the rest of the day.

I called the vet in the afternoon and bloodwork was normal and she had quit vomiting, but was lethargic. He said it is still possible that it is pancreatitis but that we may have caught it so early that it's not yet showing up in the bloodwork. He also did an x-ray and said her intestinal walls were "thickened" but no sign of an obstruction. He interpreted that as being inflammation and tentatively diagnosed her with gastroenteritis. He is keeping her overnight to make sure she doesn't have any trouble and he's going to try to feed her in the morning (no food today at all). If she keeps it down, she gets to come home tomorrow. He said she doesn't act like she has any energy but seems relatively comfortable. She has not had a bowel movement.

The only things that were even slightly unusual yesterday are that 1) I gave her a tripe treat in the morning. She has had these before, but I just opened a new bag, and 2) last night, I gave her about a teaspoon (or less) of raw ground beef. I often do this and it has never caused her the least bit of trouble before. I told the vet all this. He didn't really say anything, but I felt so guilty about the ground beef that I interpreted his silence as meaning "Why in the world did you give her that?!"

And then, in the "poor me" category: my husband is out of town, my work is crazy, and I simply cannot clean up vomit without vomiting myself. Very, very bad night!

Please keep Daisy in your prayers!