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    I used to think it was the most ridiculous thing to see people using dog strollers. Dogs need to walk and need exercise! But today we went to a really big dog festival and I started to realize they were not such a horrible idea for events like this (not for everyday use in my opinion). There were thousands of people at this outdoor event and it was HOT out. There was a ton of walking involved, lots of vendors selling things, etc. My dog is really petite, so with there being so many people I had to be careful she didn't get stepped on. Also with it being so warm, the pavement was really warm and my girl started getting rather tired so I ended up carrying her for part of the time. She's only 10lbs but that gets heavy after awhile! And trying to carry her, my handbag, shopping bags and a cold drink was next to impossible. It would have been much easier just to throw my items in the basket at the bottom of the dog stroller and let her sit in it and take a nap or just relax. I brought a spray bottle to keep her cool, plenty of water, and there were little man made streams and pools for the dogs to play in around the area which was really nice. There were also lots of air conditioned stores we were able to go into to cool off. But I'm sure we both would have loved the luxury of a stroller! Anyone here use them?
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