I have been a Member of the UK CKCS CLUB for over 20 years , but had read yesterday on the CKCS Club WEB SITE the names of the Newly Elected Committee Members.

Due to certain things on a Cavalier Public Forum on the Internet, said by some now on the Committee about me, I have contacted the CKCS Club Committee saying I have no wish to continue being a Member of the CKCS Club and have Resigned .

I explained to the Committee the reasons for my Resignation which I asked to be read out at the next Committee Meeting.

I felt that there was no option for me but to Resign due to certain things that were said which caused me a lot of distress.

I am sorry to have had to take this step, since I was involved over the years in collecting the Ages of Long Lived Cavaliers ,whose ages were from 12 Years upwards ,also the Ages of their Sires and Dams that I was able to find out about .

This List is held at the Kennel Club Library ,London.

Also many 5 Generation Pedigrees and Photos of Cavaliers from 1929- 1949.

I was also involved with Professor Michell ,who had used the List of Long Lived Cavaliers to compare them with the ages of other Dog Breeds .

Finally I was involved in getting the ages of Long Lived Cavaliers on the Club Web-Site.