I'm thinking about getting another Cavalier as it's been too quiet around the house since Cookie passed away and I know we can give another dog such a happy home. I called up my regional puppy register coordinator to ask a few questions and as I am away for two weeks in July she said it was worth calling back when I get back. So I shall do that pretty much the day I get back from holiday haha ...very exciting!!

I was just googling Cavalier breeders (just to look and no intent to use one) and was shocked to find on one site a description of the health problems in the Cavvies...

"Much is said about health problems with Cavaliers and vets seem intent on causing owners to panic unnecessarily. Many, not all, do suffer from mitral valve disease at some time in their life, but most do seem to cope well and live a happy life to 13+ years. The latest health scare is Syringomyelia little is still known about the numbers affected, but it would appear to be low. Most Cavaliers are healthy and give you years of love, fun and companionship."

I find that VERY misleading! To be registered with the kennel club do you need to do MRI's for SM? All of her Cav's are Kennel Club registered.