I havent been on here in a long time Rex is 1 1/2 now, sat night he broke free of his crate and was covered w/ poop his crate all over the house he went in every room, he has never even went #2 in the house ever, he was potty trained real early and fast. HE didnt go pee any where in the house at all, but the next morning he went outside to go and he had blood come out and dripping for a few min. I just watched him cuz it stopped and us humans get it when we have issues also so I wanted to wait. It hasnt happened agian but he broke free of his crate this morning again but he coudnt get out of the laundry room but was scraping at the door cuz he went agian in the room. He has never had an accident it was lose not ever ever we havent changed anything we have given him and other than that he has not thrown up or acted any different at all. He didnt bleed at all today at all. What do you think, has anyone been thru this??