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This whole summary of what a good committee member is, is in effect a telling statement by a prominent breeder and show world member of why all breeders need to conform to the status quo, never take on an unpopular cause, never highlight issues of concern, and in effect, never act as an advocate for the dogs rather than the show and club system.

In short, in the columnist's view, a good committee member focuses only on the club and committee -- and there's not a single mention of the BREED or its general welfare.
As I have said I was not able to get to the AGM but this is what I have heard so far..........

One good piece of news. At long last it was agreed that the SM guidelines should be added to the Club code of ethics.
The bad news was that the proposal that the committee members should set an example and agree to breed to the health guidelines while they are in office was thrown out. Another exercise in paying lip service to a protocol that top breeders will not use.

The proposal that would have barred me from rejoining the Committee was apparently withdrawn on KC instructions. It was against human rights legislation.

The author of the lying statement that implied I had divulged committee information had received a Solicitor's letter and so read out a completely different reason for proposing the rule.

There were other proposals that were either amended or withdrawn on the instructions of the Kennel Club.

There is an interesting situation in that when I withdrew from the election contest the Cavalier Club chose to put a notice from Electoral Reform Services, the organisaation running the election, on their website which informed the Club that the rules did not make it clear that I could withdraw.
They advised that the votes sent in for me should still be counted and I should be required to resign if I secured a place.

I have good reason to believe the votes cast for me, despite my withdrawal, were enough to give me one of the committee vacancies, but I have not been able to verify that yet as it seems the Cavalier Club Secretary has not now got the voting information?

I have not been asked to resign, so presumably I could claim one of the committee places?