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Newly Elected UK CKCS Club Committee Members

I have just read on the UK CKCS CLUB WEB SITE, the mention which was given by Evelyn in her Post, what struck me what was written, was that the" Identifying the GENES for CM/SM is all down to Dr .C. Rusbridge and the Team of Genetic Researchers she is working with with in Canada"

I feel that at last ,it is being realized by the CKCS CLUB how important Dr Rusbridge's Research is,and that the Finding of those Genes is the only answer to the CM/SM Problem in our Cavalier Breed.

It is really good to see Dr Rusbridge's all important contribution to the health of cavaliers being acknowledged by the Cavalier Club.

Clare Rusbridge and Penny Knowler are two remarkable women who have been researching syringomyelia for thirteen years or more. They have spent so much of their own time, without payment or reward, and with very little thanks from the majority of cavalier breeders.

If this breed does have a future it is because this amazing Mother & Daughter team, despite lies, insults, and deliberate sabotage of their efforts, have fought to give them one.

People that love cavaliers have so much to thank them for.