Well the holiday went better than expected!
Murphy got along great with my Gran's two jack russels. And Murphy loved the beach..he got so much attention from people aswell..we were blasted with "Awwww!'s"
On the last day we took Murph to the beach in the evening and he chased a springer spaniel through the sea, then the ss owner chucked a stick, Murphy went to sniff and the ss went for Murphy...but he toddled up to me and said give me a hug mum!!
I am just about to give Murph a bath now..Down the habour there was alot of fish skins ..Clever Murphy thought it would be funny to lick and sniff and ATTEMPT to pick it up and drag it along..So he stinks of fish!!
..You would never believe this boy came from a puppy farm.
Anyhoo here's some photos off Murph.. hope you like.

Guarding the pond..

Real naughty!!..

Help! Mum! get me out of this water!!

A pretty one of my boy to finish it off.