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Thread: Dotties Diaries - Update

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    Default Dotties Diaries - Update

    If you have a moment will you have another look at Dotties Diaries please.
    I have made a few changes. In particular the two pages where she is resuced I have
    found the most beatiful song and we have managed to scroll the words on the website. Following the Diiaries I have put on photographs followed by "Goverment Sponsored Cruelty" There will be a new section to follow, hopefully by mid July, the work is with the cartoonist now. If you have any suggestions I would be grateful.

    kind regards
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    Tania, you are amazing, both for offering your home to Dottie and for all the work you put into your website.

    Dottie's story is desperately sad and so moving. It breaks my heart every time I read about the Puppy Farm conditions, but at least Dottie (and quite a few others we know about through CT) have had happy endings, thank goodness.

    Have PM'd you about the additions to Dottie's Diaries.
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    It's so lovely but every time I go on to Dotties page it makes me shed a tear.
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