Well, of course I need a new puppy.

I feel so weird doing research all over again for a breeder. I loved my little cavalier but after the purchase I felt like the breeder never had time to talk to me...and even seemed like she avoided me at the dog shows, although I excused that because I thought she might be nervous for showing in the ring. Anyway I have been researching again and calling (I hate this because I feel like I am invading) and emailing breeders.

A few websites say dogs are health tested or health cleared yearly but I can't find dogs on OFFA. I am searching breeders through the parent club, and hoping this will lead me to a good breeder. And this September I will be going to a specialty show to hopefully meet people in person.

Anyway, one breeder I called I really, really liked her on the phone but she told me an outrageous price on puppies. Did she do this because she didn't like me and didn't want me to purchase a puppy? Her bitch wasn't even champion so I thought it weird she quoted me such a high price for a show potential.

I have been burned so many times because I am a trusting person but I would like this time around to find an honest and simple person that I can share my dogs accomplishments with, as well as the heart-breaks. How do I sort through the bull-@#% and find the breeder that is really being honest with me.

Also, is it also okay for me to be on a few breeders waiting list or is that rude?