I had put put this Post on another Thread ,but I feel so strongly about it ,I have started this new Thread.

I was shocked to read about what had happened at the East of England Championship Show yesterday , this is from another Cavalier Forum ,the exact words are.

The Heat at the East of England Show yesterday was Unbearable.

The Post said that He or She was Disgusted to see so many Cavalier Exibitors Standing around the Ring with their Cavaliers in CAGES with the SUN beating down Relentlessly when there was Benching inside Buildings which were very cool . A further Comment was that those Folk do not Deserve to Own Dogs ,let alone Show them.

There were a Number of Warnings ,yet those Folk still Stood there while their Cavaliers slowly Cooked inside their Cages.

This Post finished by saying


Now to my thoughts about this Shameful Treatment of those Cavaliers.

I wonder if the Cavaliers did not have a Heart Problem yesterday ,will they now have one to-day as a Result of this Shameful Treatment that they had to Endure from those Irresponsible Cavalier Glory Seekers having no thought for their Cavaliers ,only for themselves wanting to win a Piece of Card Board

We now know who can call them-selves True Lovers of Cavaliers , it is us who would never have Subjected our Cherished Cavaliers to have caused them any Suffering in that Heat.

It is not only those Cavaliers who were stuck in Cages out-side in the Heat , but also the Cavaliers who were being Shown who would be Standing around as well Suffering from the Heat .

What are those Cavalier Owners Priorities ,to consider the Welfare of their Cavaliers, or for their own Egos ,to win Pieces of Card-Board at Shows.

Has the time now come for the Well -Being of Cavaliers , and other Dogs at Shows,if the Temperature reaches a certain level out-side, then they have to be Shown in an Air Conditioned Building.

If this can't be done then the Show has to be Cancelled.

I do hope the RSPCA will some-thing about what happened yesterday.