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Thread: what made you fall in love with cavi's?? who was your 1st cavi?? xx

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    Default What made you fall in love with cavi's??

    Quote Originally Posted by brownietrout View Post
    Gracie is our first cav and we are so in love with her! She has been with us for 8 months now and I can't imagine life without her. She brings so much joy into our days!


    This was over 30 years ago,I had always liked Cavaliers but we never could afford one.

    Fleek ,my Husband had a Big Win at the Bookies, for Folk who don't know what a Bookie is, it's where you place Bets for Horse Racing,

    So we got Sweep, he was a Blenheim ,but sadly died a only 4 Years of age because of Heart Trouble .

    That's what started me trying to help in the Suffering of our Cherished Cavaliers with their Heart Problems

    Bet (Hargreaves)

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    I was always fascinated by the porcelain cavalier statues that my granny had on her fireplace, she had a set of the Blenheim & a set of tri-colour; I was so young that I didn't realise that they were porcelain and used to love holding the I grew older I met my first Cavalier, who was belonged to my Aunt, she was adorable, I REALLY wanted one, but my parents couldn't afford one! We had Trixie who was a black lab x who I loved dearly, so I didn't really mind not having a cavalier.

    When I moved out of home and bought my very first house, I knew I wanted a dog, so searched high and low for a cavalier, so I bought Zoe, as I had only moved home from Australia at this stage, I spent 6 full weeks with Zoe, training & bonding with her, she was (is) my little dote. I returned to work and I noticed that Zoe's personality changed, she was very quiet and seemed stressed, so I decided to get back onto the breeder and luckily she had one left and so I got Georgia, who just BOUNDED into our lives, full of love,mischief and fun, Zoe & Georgia were litter sisters and they seemed to know each other when they met and Zoe just instantly became happier and more settled. Unfortunately when my relationship broke down, my ex got the house and our agreement was whoever got the house, got the dogs (so not to cause too much upset for them) but the other could see the girls whenever; this agreement my ex went back on and stopped me seeing my angels last year I think about them EVERY day and still love and miss them.

    So I was cavalier and dogless for a year then within 3 months I have 3 new dogs all rescues, Des the collie, Penny (1 year old) & Bonnie (8-10 years old) Cavaliers and couldn't be happier.

    Cavaliers are the most beautiful and gentle of all breeds and I adore them, I could never envisage my life without a cavalier to share it with, they give so much and brighten every day that I have shared with a cavalier

    Des, Penny, Bonnie, Zoe & Georgia

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    My 21st birthday present to myself was a blenheim boy called Ben, I got him from a breeder on a farm (young and stupid!), saying that he was a happy healthy dog and very good natured.
    Unfortunately he was knocked down when he was 6 while a family member was looking after him for a day, I was devastated and it was a few years before I could think of getting another dog.
    In a few months I have another big birthday coming up but the good thing is I am hoping to get a cavalier again.
    I just love their nature and gentle disposition and of course they look good too


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