Wondering if anyone can shed (excuse the pun) any light on the reason why Charlie is just shedding very heavily at the moment.

Just to give a little background to this I adopted Charlie and Lola in May. They are about 2 and 1. Had been left in a house with no food or water for about ten days. They were posted here on the rescue section as cavaliers in Cork. Two beautiful dogs and am delighted with them. Having some small problems with Charlie which I will ask about another time but at moment as I said he is shedding unbelievably.

So my question is what is causing this????

Thinking myself if it is hormones settling as he was neutered in April or is it caused by bad diet in previous home. He is on Burns now. Lola is shedding as normal if any sort of shedding by cavaliers is normal.

Thank you for all your advice and help in advance