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Thread: Feeding a puppy

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    Default Feeding a puppy

    "There is great info HERE on what and how to feed and how to get a cavalier to lose weight -- with pictures of what a healthy weight is and what is too fat for a cavalier (scroll down)."

    I've just read the above link on anther thread and am now confused as to whether I should be feeding Cassie (six months) puppy or adult food. She's having JWB puppy at the moment, Turkey alternated with the fish one. She is thriving on this. They score quite highly on quality and now Barney is on the adult version his tummy is much more settled so all is good with him.

    They both also have fresh veggies a few days a week.

    I've also been giving them sardines twice a week, it seems to be doing Barneys coat good to give him these.

    I've read before that puppy meal makes pups grow too fast and would appreciate other peoples views on this please.

    Thanks a lot, Teresa.

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    I think, if your dogs are doing well on what you are feeding them, then ignore that link.

    My two (age 1 & 8 months ) get a mixture of puppy & adult foods. For no other reason then they wont eat the same food over and over again. At the start I went through a few different foods with Cava, as she is more fussy but i think she was just holding out for a treat.

    I was recently told by a member of my family that Cava was underweight and i was asked was i feeding her enough. I was more then hurt at the accusation as you can imagine, i do nothing but love and care for the doggies! Cava went to the vet later in the month for spaying and i asked the professional her advice, she told me that Cava was the perfect weight for her size & age.

    If you are truly worried, i say nip into your vet, or give them a quick buzz, they will be more then happy to help you out and put your mind at ease.
    owned by Cava a Tri Color, age 1 & Spud a Blenheim, age 8 months


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