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Sorry to go back to this again, but I have just been reading the Cavalier Breed Standard,and one thing that is mentioned is ,

That there should be no exaggerations which would be in any way Detrimental to the Health, Welfare or Soundness of this Breed.

I would think that the Long Backs that a number of Cavaliers now have from years ago, could this not be classed as an Exaggeration ,and could be giving a Health Problem , because of the Pressure that is being put on their Spine.


Could I mention this subject again,

Incase any-body is interested ,the Science Paper can be found at,


The Heading of the Paper is,

Human Induced Rotation and Reorganization of the Brain of Domestic Dogs.

The Paper mentions since Brachycephaly,has arisen from Generations of Highly Selective Breeding ,this Study suggests that the remarkable diversity in Domesticated Dogs' Shape and size appears to also have led to Human-induced Adaptations in the orginization of the Canine Brain.

Particular mention was given to the SM Problem in our Cavalier Breed in this Scientific Paper