Tilly got on ok last night at the vets, she was very good whilst the vet examined her and let her look at her nipples without saying a word

The vet had never seen before a dog which chewed her own nipples, so at the moment we're going through a process of elimination, the vet said she didn't think the nipples were infected so didn't want to give her anti-biotics but has given her some steroid spray to apply to each nipple twice a day and she's recommended I use E45 cream on each one an hour before applying the spray. Tilly has to wear a collar when I'm not around to keep an eye on her so she doesn't chew her lower ones and also at night when she will probably think about the itching the most.

About the crustiness around the lower nipples, she thinks Tilly has got into a vicious circle, they itch so she chews/licks them,which makes them sore, so the more she chews/licks them, so we're going to try and break that circle with the collar to see if there is any improvement.

She's going back on the 24th August for her booster, so the vet will check to see how they are doing/healing

The vet listened to her heart, which was fine and no murmur was detected (I was so glad to hear) and she was weighed... 12.4kg which I was shocked about so the vet recommended I reduce her portions by a quarter.

I will keep you updated of her progress