Hi I've been asked to post on here today by a neighbour with a two year old boy Cavalier. He's a jolly fellow, very energetic and not at all nasty. He's always been a bouncy boy but lately has been a little more chewy in the house. He's made a hole in their leather sofa, not a good move.

I'm not sure how much exercise he gets during the week I think smaller rather than longer walks. I think I will suggest burning more energy by longer walks/ more stimulation. There is an agility group near by so maybe that would be an idea.....

Anyway I'm rambling on as per usual, the point to this post is that the vet she spoke to suggested castration as a way to stop this problem?? I know for some dogs it will help to calm them, but I think Sam will still be Sam so they don't know whether to have this done or no.....I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks, Teresa...x