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Thread: Neutering to stop a dog chewing??? :/

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    Default Neutering to stop a dog chewing??? :/

    Hi I've been asked to post on here today by a neighbour with a two year old boy Cavalier. He's a jolly fellow, very energetic and not at all nasty. He's always been a bouncy boy but lately has been a little more chewy in the house. He's made a hole in their leather sofa, not a good move.

    I'm not sure how much exercise he gets during the week I think smaller rather than longer walks. I think I will suggest burning more energy by longer walks/ more stimulation. There is an agility group near by so maybe that would be an idea.....

    Anyway I'm rambling on as per usual, the point to this post is that the vet she spoke to suggested castration as a way to stop this problem?? I know for some dogs it will help to calm them, but I think Sam will still be Sam so they don't know whether to have this done or no.....I'd appreciate your thoughts.

    Thanks, Teresa...x

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    No that's a new one to me!! It does sometimes calm them down a bit, but generally they still need lots of exercise and stimulation - it sounds like he's not getting enough before they leave him.

    Obviously it would be sensible to confine him somewhere away from the leather sofa when they are not there, with some suitable chewy toys to occupy him - stuffed kongs, nylabones etc.

    I generally advise people to castrate their dogs anyway - it makes them easier to live with, avoids any risk of unwanted puppies, and does prevent some health issues.

    They do often have an increase in volume of coat but that can be managed. Also food needs to be reduced so that they do not get overweight.

    It does sound like Sam is just an active Cavalier...
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    You pretty much have it -- neutering is probably a good idea for a whole range of reasons and might help with the chewing to some extent, but the issue clearly runs deeper -- they have a BORED dog, a young male that needs a lot of daily exercise and activity, more supervision, and appropriate chews rather than be left to invent his own (the sofa). Bored dogs, dogs without adequate chew toys, dogs without adequate exercise, find their own entertainment. Maybe give them some perspective by noting it is very much the same as having a young boy in the house that is given no outside exercise time, no playmates, no toys, no attention... children will then find something to do with what is at hand which often means mischief...!

    All that said -- wise management is ALSO needed by a responsible owner. There's a lack of supervision if a dog has the opportunity to chew holes in the sofa, as well as lack of a good chew toy (Kongs are excellent for a start but have them reduce the amount fed daily to accommodate the stuffing they put in...). They need to block access to that sofa or else be supervising. Babygates and closed doors and supervision... same as people would do to keep young children safe and also out of trouble.

    Also, print out these for them:

    The reason they should neuter their male include behaviour and calmness improvements, but also:

    Far less chance of roaming/escaping and hence, auto accidents or theft
    Far less chance of theft full stop (intact males are the number one easy target for puppy farmers and those who steal to sell on or home breed)
    Eliminates the likelihood of prostate issues, which can require surgery in older dogs less able for the surgery (several of my older rescue males have had to have late neuters because of signs of prostate problems)
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