im sorry if this comes out like some massive rant but i really need to let off some steam!
where i live, i have a park 5 mins away with a small playground etc. well i took bentley down there yesterday evening, there was 2 other dog owners (a great dane called molly who bentley adores and 3 newfoundlands) i must have been there about 30mins, i was chatting to molly's owner when i turned around and couldnt see bentley, but i could here him barking. thats when a mum, with her child, called me over and this is how the conversation went:
'oi, you with the little dog'

i went over to her

'you got the little black dog'
'yes, where is he?'
'as i came in her went out the gate, he's over there' pointing to the middle gate where bentley was running up and down wanting to get back in!!

now this park is on a semi main road, but that really isn't the point. who the hell in their right mind lets a dog just walk out of a park without its owner!!!! now i take full owness on the fact that i should have watched him better and believe me i beat myself up last night and cried myself to sleep as the thought of something happening to bentley kills me. BUT this is where my real rant comes into it. this park has 3 gates and iam always having to walk around the park closing them as it seems everyone just happily leaves them open! if it had been her child who i had let walk out do you think i would still have my teeth left, but when it comes to peoples dogs no one seems to care!! all it would have taken was a cat or something to catch bentleys eye and he would have dashed across the road and then what

my husband has made lamenate posters which we are going to put on all the gates stating the obvious:

'please close as dogs and children can escape'

to put the icing on the cake when i went back to the woman and asked why in her right mind would she let a dog freely out of the park she told me not to over react and it was only a dog! then to her child:

'come on, time to get back. eww what a disgusting smelly dog!'

to which i shot back:

'come on bentley, what a smelly disgusting child!'

(i know it was petty but i was so mad )

why am i expected to respect peoples children and yet, my dog who is part of my family by choice, doesn't get one smidge of respect from ignorant people like her!!!!!

what if something had happened, would she have paid my vet bills???

my emotions go between anger and self hatred as i should have been watching

i feel like a bad owner