Couldn't be happier. The in laws already have a 2 year old tri bitch called Milly who they adore. They have always had Cavs in pairs and as Milly is definitely my father in law's dog I think the mother in law was getting a bit jealous!
They had been looking for a while as they wanted to rehome an adolescent dog as they had with Milly rather than getting a puppy. Milly was quite a poorly dog when they got her as she was itching her face so much she would make it bleed. She cost them almost 1000 in vets bills before the vets discovered that she had thrush and allergies. The vets prescribed a daily Piriton and now she is as right as rain.
Milly loves coming over ours to play with our tribe but she's doesn't play when she is at home. She is a different dog when she comes over to our house. They are hoping that as Louie (his new name) is a bit younger and playful she will join in the fun with him as she does with ours.
I'll see if I can upload some picture of Louie and Milly together.