Popped round to the factory where we think hes locked in and we set and baited a cat trap this morning .We then went back at 4.40 when there lads had finished as it was quieter then , so we went to the trap and no sign ,then we stood called him and listened and then very faintly two meows, we started looking around and nothing we then heard a call and ran back to the original area and we spotted him running away back to his hide .I quickly followed bent down and called him ,then he came very slowly out to me skinny and dirty but he knew me ,so I quickly grabbed him held him tight and got quick as I could out of the factory and back home .I bet Little Fluff will belt him and tell him off when she sees him cos shes thrown out fifteen teas that hes missed, the ginger horror ,but we are all glad hes back,and thats another successfully cat capture.
Ginger and Josephine in waiting

The boys tired out hes has a hard thirteen days