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Thread: Does this sound like a Luxating patella problem?

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    Well we went to the vet today ( we recently switched over to a very well known holistic vet in our state seen on and after examining Polly he said that her legs/knees actually felt very good amd her knees felt like they were pretty firmly in place and he could not move them around easily. I explained what had happened (when she let out a yelp and went hobbling around) and he said that some dogs will have that happen once in a great while, and as long as it doesn't become constant and alot more obvious, there should be no need for surgery. He said that in his 30+ years of veterinary care very few dogs with patella problems end up having it severe enough to have surgery and she looks very good and not to worry too much. So good news!
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    That's fab news... GO POLLY!!


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