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Thread: Puppy ETA: Six Weeks And Counting! Name Advice??

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    Red face UPDATE!: Puppy ETA: Six Weeks And Counting! Name Advice??

    Hey all! If anyone's going to see this, then great- but, even if they don't- I'm delighted to say that my darling Blenheim baby girl will be coming him in exactly 10 days!!

    I cannot wait for my little Lucy to join my family!!!!

    Thanks everyone!

    Hey Everyone!

    Going to be be bringing home my very own Blenheim baby girl in six weeks, and so excited!! (I did everything to ensure that the breeder's practices are great, the parents are health cleared/ certified/ registered, etc. Plus, met pups from previous litters, contacted people who own puppies they got from the breeder, this isn't about that!!)

    I'm trying to think of a name-- I want to credit her Mommy, because she is such a wonderful dog and I know this may sound strange, but I want to pay homage to her . The Mom's name is Angel. I'm thinking of possibly showing my pup- nothing too serious, and it's fine if it doesn't work out- but I was thinking of looking into therapy dog possibilities for her..The point is, I need a name! A 'proper' name, and a nickname that I can use on an every day basis..

    Here's what I have so far:

    -Angel's Kate the Great (I was thinking Kate for short)
    -Ashley's Joyous Angel (Joy for short but I'm not sold on it [Ashley's my first name])
    -Elphaba's Alice of Tinkerland (Tink or Elphie..More sold on Tink..)

    I also wanted to incorporate Catherine--hence the Kate- for Catherine of Aragon--wife of Henry VIII? Because she was a strong, intelligent, amazing woman- truly magnificent!

    Overall the nickname should be short- people keep telling me to keep it one syllable for calling her, but I think that as long as it's easy to say, two is fine..Thoughts?

    Oh, and I also was thinking Lucy, but didn't know if it mattered whether I put it into her 'registered' name (if so, how to do that!).

    If you guys happen to have any thoughts or suggestions, I'd really, really appreciate it, since the breeder wants to know what to call her, so she'll grow up knowing her name .

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