Alright, I've been looking all over this forum, and the world wide web, and there's so much out there! I'm looking to know what I need to have right away when I bring my pup home, (obviously toys, food/water bowls, bed, crate, puppy pads, leash, harness/collar, etc..). But I have a few questions I'd love answers/advice on.

- Do I get a full-sized now? What's a good one for a pup? What did you use?
- Do you know where to get a well priced wood crate? Or, the building plans for one? I'd love to make it myself..
- As far as a wood crate (which, if not for her as a pup, I'd like to transition to when she's overcome that constant chewing that seems to be standard pup behavior), what should the coating be so that I can clean it easily?
- What size crate now/later?

Recommendations for a good washable pup bed? What have you used?

- Recommendations for what toys to start out with? Durable brands?
- Stuffed Animal as a 'sleep mate'? (Someone mentioned that it might make not sleeping in a cuddle puddle with their litter easier) What's a safe washable one?

- What grooming products to start out with?
- Good ones you have used on your pup(s)?
- Shampoo/ coat conditioner recommendation?

Harnesses, Leashes and Tags, Oh My!
- Good, soft harness?
- Durable washable leashes? I know that some are too heavy for little cavaliers, so what's worked for you?(What length?)
- Did you start off with tags? If so, what's a good washable collar you've used? What material?

Snood/ Scrunchie Issue- Feedin' Time!:
- Elevated bowl set anyone has used and found to work?
- If you've found that a big soft scrunchie or something works instead of a snood, what did you buy that works, and is safe?
- Where did you buy your snood? Recommendation for where to purchase it?
- Have you used the bowls with narrow tops for Spaniels? Do they work? If so, where did you buy them?