I went to a show yesterday with Cassie - She was great and thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the other dogs. It is something new to us and I do have mixed views on dog showing but thought we'd try it out.

Whilst there I went to look at he King Charles judging - I have to say after being a Cavalier owner for eight years I found their heads very strange. I know some people breed these alongside Cavaliers. I personally think they are rather ugly dogs...

My opinion on their look aside, I was left wondering what health issues they must have due to head shape....SM, CM difficulties with breathing etc...I know they are less popular as a pet but I'm sure their health problems must be worse!!

The other thing that was apparent is the overall similarity in body size to the Cavaliers, I thought they were supposed to be smaller in size.

My Barney is a big Cavalier but the dogs now are more of the size that bitches used to be...Cassie is definately not going to be a big girl.. Maybe breeding for smaller size affects the problems Cavs are having??

I just wondered what other people may think of these comments..