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I'm going to be boring repeating myself here but you are still pandering to his fussiness, regardless of the vomiting and upset tummy.

Put dog food down, if he doesn't eat it after 20 mins, pick it up. Put it back down at lunch time, pick it up after 20 mins, same at dinner time. (I'm not saying feed him 3 times a day but I think you'll worry if you leave him till dinner time if he missed breakfast). He may skip a days food, too bad. He won't refuse it the next day. Stick to one food so he knows you won't tempt him with "better" food. You wouldn't give desert to a child who refused dinner, same principle.

Have you tried fasting him for his upset tummy?
Pauline, I absolutely agree with you for a HEALTHY dog. What hasn't been determined (unless I'm wrong) is whether or not Charlie has some underlying illness that has caused the weight loss and anorexia. I can't determine from the info if Charlie is simply a picky eater looking for better fare or if he has a poor appetite from some medical condition. If he's healthy, I agree with you. If he has an underlying illness, then that issue should be addressed, and it's often best done with a homemade diet rather than a prescription food that often isn't very palatable.

I don't know the time period over which he has lost that weight, but heavy dogs usually don't voluntarily reduce their intake of food but rather they lose weight when we reduce their portion.

One of my girls who had always been a good eater developed a waxing and waning anorexia with no other symptoms. After some months, she became emaciated, losing from 13 lbs down to 8 lbs. She had intestinal lymphoma. Two of my teenaged boys became picky eaters when they went into kidney failure. If a senior becomes a picky eater, I always want to rule out an underlying medical condition. Heart failure will also result in a poor appetite and loss of muscle mass.