Cinders and Minnie have both previously had them in their ears, so I've taken all the precautions over the past couple of years - keeping ears trimmed shorter, inside and out, to try and stop those dreaded grass seeds.

Today Minnie has had a great time at agility and afterwards while we put the equipment away she was allowed to run free in the field to chase a few birds (it is one of few places where she can do this safely). She must have got a bit uncomfortable with her SM and decided to have a head rub in the grass which is very dry. Within a few minutes she was shaking her head quite excessively and I just knew.

So had to ring emergency vet and got an appointment 30 minutes later. Vet couldnt see anything in her ear, so had to keep her in to sedate her to go in deeper.

Just had a phone call to say he found the dreaded grass seed deep down in her ear. Can go at 6.30 to pick her up, with an extortionate bill f 350 to pay thank goodness for insurance!