I have just read Jemima Harrison's Article about her Interview with Professor S Crispin in Dogs Today Magazine ,I really feel that after reading it, it will really be up to us Cavalier Folk who are so concerned with the Cavaliers' Health Problems, not to depend very much on the Advisory Council.

The Breeding of Dogs and their Health Problems does not seem to be going to be the Advisory Council's First Priority.

It was mentioned about Advice being Given from the Council, it is not Advice that is needed after all the years of Lip Service being Paid about Health Problems, to mention one Breed our Cavaliers, it is Action.

Will we who want to see the Cavaliers' SM and MVD Problems improve, just have to Broadcast the Facts, to the Cavalier Buying Public ,that if they want a Cavalier ,then ask to see a Health Certificate from the Cavalier Breeder, to Prove that the Cavaliers' Sire and Dam have been Health Tested, also the Cavalier Breeder to show that no Cavalier is Bred from Parents before they are 2.5 years ,and the Grand- Parents are 5 years of age with no signs of these Two Diseases.