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    Dr Phil Zeltman recommended this site in his recent newsletters

    Lots of helpful advice for all looking for pet insurance, and of course a huge help to those in the US!

    A link to compare all of the different insurances

    There seems to be a problem in the US with companies excluding both congenital {present at birth} and inherited conditions, which is very limiting.

    It is essential to have cover for inherited conditions {this would include Syringomyelia, Mitral Valve Disease, Hip Dysplasia and Luxating Patella, all common problems for Cavaliers}.

    ***You also need cover for the lifetime of the animal - many cheaper policies only cover you for 12 months from first diagnosis.***

    In the UK, Virgin are one of the few companies who do not insist on annual vaccinations - instead they do not cover you for conditions you can vaccinate against {if you have not had vaccinations for your animal}.

    You can basically choose the options you need, so if you just want a basic lifetime cover policy, you can obtain this - without the need for holiday cover etc.

    Even if you do not have health insurance for your dog, at the very least you need third party insurance:

    Pet owners can be legally responsible for the actions of their animals. If your pet were to injure someone or run across the road and cause an accident, as owner of that animal you could be liable to prosecution and claims for compensation.

    Third party liability insurance basically protects you financially in the event that your pet harms another person or causes them injury, or if your animal were to damage or destroy someone else's property. Under the 1971 Animals Act this includes damage to vehicles too. Some third party liability options extend to insure pet owners in circumstances where the animal is responsible for the death of another person. If your pet's actions were to cause such an incident the claim for compensation could be substantial -- and if you do not have third party liability cover you might even have to sell your home in order to make the settlement!

    New: Helpful guide to pet insurance
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