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Thread: What Do You Think Of August?

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    Some times you just need to go with your gut instinct. I agree, that he definately is not a 100% cavalier BUT he is gorgeous none the less

    I would try to get over the whole episode and not let it eat you up, What's done is done and there is nothing you can do about it that will remedy the situation. You have him now and love him dearly (he looks so cuddly).

    It is sad that you were decieved (and I am sure the Breeder would have known) BUT, you have a wonderful little fella in August. Enjoy him

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Dorian View Post
    Thank you!

    As for Beagle.. Well, a woman yesterday said that she thought he looked part Daschund. I haven't got a clue! XD

    that first pic that you have with the guy and the pup, the pup looks like a daschund, we have a daschund and your pup body shape looks very much the same, still very cute


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