Just wanted to introduce my crew of critters! (Well most of them!) Hope you enjoy the pictures!

My Son Connor (the best "critter" of them all!) with his pal "Savannah"

"Savannah" & "Tiger Lilly"

3 of my 4 kitties

My kitty "Boo"

My 2 boys "Boo" & "Dodger"

"Shesha" & "Stitch" my Chinchillas & "Harlie" the Bunny

"Shesha" the Chinchilla

"Spaz" the Chinchilla as a baby (I had to hand feed him from day 3!)

"Spaz" all grown up

"Uro" my uromastyx

One of our 2 Firebelly toas

"Hedgie" the hedgehog