I received the email below yesterday from a lady who suffers from Syringomyelia. Her name is Carla and she has given permission for me to post it.

I suffer from Syringo Myelia, a neurological disorder mentioned in the Pedigree Dogs Exposed documentary. As you know, this disease can have very serious consequences and should not be taken lightly; it is closely related to Hydrocephalus (which can cause severe mental disability and death in infants).

I have suffered from this disease for more than a decade, and I use the word 'suffered' intentionally. No person, dog or any other animal should have to suffer with a disease like this. I think it is ludicrous that dog breeders are knowingly permitted to breed their dogs and pass on congenital disorders like this. It is cruel and it is morally wrong!

Good for you, and all of the hard work from your team. I think it is wonderful that increased testing and information is out there for people to read. I found it especially interesting that it has been found to be inherited in cavaliers. The reasearch that I have read regarding humans does not make that same connection. It has always been a point of interest for me, as no one that we know of in my family has this condition. It is considered to be quite rare in humans, only 40 000 have been diagnosed in the US.

Thanks for exposing these issues. I've suffered from the disease first hand, I can not even begin to comprehend how breeders can dismiss a diagnosis like this and continue to breed their dogs. Maybe if they know the human side of it, they'll think twice.

-Survivor of Syringo Myelia and a Chiari Decompression surgery and owner of stunning Great Dane from a backyard breeder!
When we talk of breeding grade As to grade Ds, etc, we need to remember the risks we are taking with the lives of the offspring of such a mating.