My boy had his 8th birthday yesterday. And the years sure haven't slowed him down. In fact, since we've added Micah to our household I think Jake is aging backwards We had a really good day. Jake had elevated ALT (liver) enzymes in February that tested higher yet again 6 weeks ago. Yesterday's re-test.....levels back to to a comfort leve!! Hooray!! We celebrated with homemade blueberry "ice cream" and Elmo party hats. This was Micah's first birthday celebration with us. He already knew we were it's confirmed.

Elmo party hats for everyone!

Yummy purple ice cream

Micah wants to get a closer look

Sorry kids but purple ice and black and white dogs don't have to wear snoods to eat your ice cream

Can you pictures of the actual eating of the ice cream?? They snarfed it down so fast I couldn't get a picture

But this is the after effects...birthday party burn out