As some of you may know I lost my Charlie earlier this week. Charlie was a 10 year old tri with a heart murmur we adopted in May this year. He had been without a true forever home since February as nobody wanted him because of his age and illness although he was very well cared for and loved in his foster homes.
Charlie made a very big impact on us during his short time with our family and now we are going through a lot of heartache and grief.
The question is would I do it again? The answer is yes, without a shadow of a doubt.

We knew when we adopted an older dog that we would only have him in our care for a short period of time. When we got him my wife and I said it might be 3 months or it might be 3 years but we would make whatever time it was happy for him. Unfortunately it was only 3 months but I wouldn't change the time we had together for the world.

Buying a puppy is a wonderful, exciting time but there is something more special about rescuing/adopting. In my opinion I think it can be summed up that you choose a puppy but an older dog chooses you. A puppy loves you because they know nothing else, an older dog chooses to love. The first time your puppy jumps up and starts kissing you like their life depends on it is a wonderful moment but it is nothing compared to when an older rescue dog does it.
Charlie and me used to have a little game. When he was on my lap I would say to him 'Do you love me Charlie?', Charlie would then climb up me, put his paws on my shoulders and start to lick my face like I was his best friend in the whole world. Is my current heartache worth it for those moments? Without a doubt.

We all love puppies. They are cute, cuddly and funny but an older dog can be more rewarding and loving. If any of you or someone you know are considering getting a dog please consider an older one as the love you give them will be received back tenfold.